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If you follow me on socials then you’re already tuned in to the insights that I share to awaken, motivate, and inspire. And if you’re reading this now, then it’s divine timing. This is the place for you!

I often speak about my own personal quest with stepping into my Goddess power and now I’m inviting you to step into yours.

I’ve created a space for us to dive deeper into all the topics that you know and love me for and I’m holding this space for you to become your highest self. This is a place where you will be seen, heard, and supported.

It’s time to embody the God or Goddess within you.

We are the new paradigm!

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The Moon Maison Portal is a place for truth seekers to step into their divine power so that we can inspire, uplift, and support one another in raising our vibration and the vibration of the world around us.

Not only is this a community where conscious, like-minded people can share, discuss, and connect, I’m going to guide you through a path to enlightenment. I’m going to take you on my own personal healing journey from the beginning; right from the time that I began eating better, diving deeper into yoga, and first began meditating. You are going to gain so many tools that you will be able to live out your life’s purpose with ease. You will come to know exactly why you are here and what you came here to do.

You will discover love in new ways. We will take this adventure together discussing topics like sex and energy, as well as topics like creation and living in full awareness. You will develop your intuition, learn to let go of the past, and be able to BE HERE NOW! This is true freedom.

You will begin to live in a true flow state as you take all your new-found skills that we cultivate together and bring them out into the world so you can master anything else you need to fulfill your human-spirit dreams.

This is not a space for:

  • Venting, judging, shaming, criticizing
  • Low vibes
  • Moon Maison fans, that are not interested in improving their lives

This is a place for you if…

You want to be of service to others
You seek support and community in your life
You are on a spiritual path
You are an awakening being
You live a conscious lifestyle
You want to live your best life
You want to obtain sustainable happiness
You want to let go of your past and overcome your fears
You want to become a leader of the new paradigm
You seek enlightenment through personal and spiritual growth
You want to enrich your life through relationships and love
You are a high vibrational being
(All ethnicities, male, female, LGBT welcome, but you must have good intentions and a little faith)

WHAT’s Included?

Access to an exclusive members only social network – message community members right in the app, find local members with GPS location mapping built-in, connect, support, practice, and play
Exclusive posts and discussions with Moon
Weekly Live Virtual Gatherings with Moon and the Community. These are recorded and posted in the portal for replay.
Curated courses and special teachings built right in the app
Moon’s ‘Goddess Lifestyle’ Secrets – home, beauty, health, wellness, and more
Yoga Practices with Moon

Guided Active Meditations for all levels
Invitations to In-person gatherings and events
Member Spotlights – share your art, passions, gifts, talents, medicine, projects, and/or business to the community
Ability to set up live, one-on-one video coaching calls with Moon (additional fees may apply)
Moon’s Resources and Guidance to the best of all things; like products, retreats, trainings, healers, etc.
Special guest speakers and interviews
More surprises and offerings to come!

I’m so excited, honored, and grateful to be of service to my COMOONITY!

If you feel in alignment with this, it would be my pleasure to have you join and become a member. Meet your new soul family!

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